Landscapes and Still lives start at $450 for an 8"x11" and up. A nonrefundable deposit of half the price is required upfront. The second half of the payment is due when the painting is delivered.
Portrait and Posthumous Portrait fees start at $45
0. The price is based on the following criteria: the number of people in the painting;  the size of the painting the intricacy of clothing, jewelry, and props; and the complexity of the background setting. 
 Framing costs, shipping fee, and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional. Half price,  as a non-refundable deposit is required when you sign the contract. The second and final payment is due when the completed portrait is delivered.
The following cost estimates are based on an approximate
life-size, single figure, watercolor portrait,  painted against simple backgrounds.
Thank you for your interest.



11 x 14" $500
Head & Shoulders  14 x 18"  $750
Half length 22 x 30"  $1,000
Three-quarter length 30 x 36"  $1,250
Full length 38 x 48"  $1,500
Portrait Vignettes
This is a less formal solution to portraiture than a fully resolved painting. The face is completely developed but the majority of the painting varies in its degree of finish. It conveys a spontaneous quality which works well in children's portraits.
Vignette portrait 8 x 11" $450 

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